My anti-conservative

First of all, I will teach you to feel the music as it should be, through the rhythm! “Have the rhythm in your skin”, that tells you something?

In a second step: “to have the ear“, to hear and “to sing right” (first use your natural instrument: your voice) to know how to reproduce the sound of a note, then two, then a melody, in order to know how to play it on the piano with precise and defined techniques, not at random! (I would have so much wanted to know how to do that when I started the piano instead of doing solfeggio during years in an abstract way and learning the piano stupidly…)

In a third step: understand the musical language, the logic of music, in order to know how to interpret, arrange, improvise or compose a song, a work.

In conclusion: learn first to FEEL, SING JUST, UNDERSTAND, SPEAK music before learning to read (by understanding the meaning of a score this time…)!

For the student who has no musical culture or not really, I believe that it is important if he wants to become a musician, that he is informed and nourished by the most beautiful and important compositions, from the baroque to the actual music, with obviously historical reference points to support it.

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