Piano Lessons For Children In Cagnes-Sur-Mer (06)

Learning the language of music / the piano as one’s mother tongue,
in the vein of Victor Wooten or Oran Etkin. And an anti-conservatory approach.

Musical awakening for children

From baby, if the parents sing regularly, (in rhythm and just right is even better 😄) or if they play music often, with an active participation parents / child, then, it will be easier for baby to acquire music naturally, as a second mother tongue, by dancing, singing.

Piano lessons starting at age 6

Before the age of 6, musical awakening brings many benefits for the development of the child. For example, attending or participating in concerts is very stimulating and gratifying for a child. I have also noticed that before the age of 6, a private piano lesson is not adapted due to the lack of concentration and attention needed. For children under 6, I give lessons / advice to parents or older brothers (sisters)

My method

Play the piano while having fun!

Learn by playing, in every sense of the word. Learning the language of music as one learns one’s mother tongue, in an intuitive way, adapting it to the age of the child (between 6 and 12 years old) and his natural aptitudes for music.

Learning a sense of rhythm

I adapt to each child. If the child is not a natural musician (who does not have a sense of rhythm and does not sing with feeling) I teach him/her how to do it. One of the parents is invited to attend the lessons and help the child at home as much as possible, always in a playful spirit, so that the results are convincing. (The Suzuki method also insists on this point)

Feel and speak the music

To apply the conservatory method is a very bad choice, it is anti-natural! (I have experienced this and so have the vast majority of my students) learning the theoretical rules before feeling the music is an aberration! Learning to read music before learning to feel, understand and speak music is also a nonsense. Discover my anti-conservatory method.

Course of a lesson

It depends on the abilities of each person. Vary the subjects. Scientific studies show that if a child does not stay in a static position during the whole course, but rather in movement, he will learn better. I can indeed say that this is true.

The essentials for a successful course

– Having a camera to film the tutorial(s) of the course and thus leave with 100% of the information, to help you progress better at home, the parents will have all the details necessary to follow the progress of their child.
– Apps to help you sing in tune if you haven’t already, and to “structure” the ear. Technology has real advantages that it would be a shame to do without.
– I’ve also been using Spotify since 2012 for my classes, to also share songs to play, for music culture as well.
– A small bluetooth speaker

Once the student knows how to play the piano with music, to play by ear, to improvise, to interpret, to arrange, to compose, I will teach him to know how to read piano music, with real pieces. So it will be necessary, when the time comes, to get some scores. But no Hanon, Aaron, or pink method, no books with lots of exercises… For me, this kind of books should no longer exist, as they do not understand anything about learning music! The piano technique is acquired directly in the pieces of music. 😄

Where do the piano lessons take place?

The lessons can be done at my home in Cagnes sur mer (chemin de la maure) or directly at your place !
Here is my area where I can move: (all the communes of the French Riviera)
Cannes, Nice and Monaco, as well as all the communes bordering Cagnes sur mer (06800).


an à la carte course without commitment, not weekly

Private Lessons in Cagnes-sur-mer

Non-committal course scheduled every week


Private piano lessons for the very young also possible online (via webcam)

Rates and package

The rates for a piano lesson change according to the duration of the commitment and the desired frequency. Moreover, an additional cost applies if the piano lessons are given at your home or at my home in Cagnes-sur-mer (06800). To know the whole of the tariffs, please consult the pricing page.