The price of the course is from 40€ to 75€ at my home or by webcam depending on the formula. The piano lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Over 1 year

40€ / lesson

For a 52 week commitment (1 year), pay up to 6 monthly installments for the first 6 months.

45€ / lesson

For a commitment of 10 classes over 8 weeks maximum, paying for the 10 classes in one or two installments (to be discussed with me).

55€ / lesson

For a commitment of 5 classes over 5 weeks maximum, paying for the 5 classes at once (275€ in total)

IMPORTANT: the trial lesson at my place is 55€ or it can be part of the first lesson of the 10 lessons package, it lasts almost one hour. For beginners or intermediates, it consists of getting to know the student’s natural musical abilities, in rhythm, in ear training, and in logic (since music is a mathematical language)

A la carte piano lessons

Piano lessons without commitment

Unique Course

an à la carte course without commitment, not weekly

Weekly Course

Non-committal course scheduled every week


At home

For lessons at the student’s home, there is an extra charge depending on the distance I have to travel
by car, if the parking is free or not, …
but in general it’s from 70€ per lesson. For more details, please contact me

Online (via webcam)

Piano lessons given by webcam using the Skype software. It must first be downloaded on your computer. For a better comfort, I advise you to choose a webcam hd that has a built-in microphone.

Accepted payments