SPECIAL OFFER Christmas 2023 for new students

The price of the course is from 36€ to 75€ at my home or by webcam depending on the formula. A piano lesson lasts 45 minutes.

Over 1 year

40€ /lesson (36€ with cesu )

For a 52 week commitment (1 year), pay up to 5 monthly installments for the first 5 months.

Christmas offer: 36€ /lesson instead of 45€

For a commitment of 10 classes over 8 weeks maximum, paying for the 10 classes in one time.


50€ / lesson

For a commitment of 5 classes over 5 weeks maximum, paying for the 5 classes at once (250€ in total)

IMPORTANT: the trial lesson at my place is 55€ or it can be part of the first lesson (36 € ) of the 10 lessons package, . For beginners or intermediates, it consists of getting to know the student’s natural musical abilities, in rhythm, in ear training, and in logic (since music is a mathematical language)

A la carte piano lessons

Piano lessons without commitment

Unique Course

an à la carte course without commitment, not weekly

Weekly Course

Non-committal course scheduled every week


At home

For lessons at the student’s home, there is an extra charge depending on the distance I have to travel
by car, if the parking is free or not, …
 For more details, please contact me

Online (via webcam)

Piano lessons given by webcam using the Skype software. It must first be downloaded on your computer. For a better comfort, I advise you to choose a webcam hd that has a built-in microphone.

Accepted payments